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On March 1, 1998, electric competition was introduced to Massachusetts giving consumers electric choice and enabling other electric companies to enter the market. The addition of other electric companies encouraged efficiency and increased competition ultimately creating lower prices for consumers. There are three utility companies that participate in electricity competition which are:

  • NSTAR (Formerly Boston Edison, Commonwealth Edison, and Cambridge Edison.
  • Mass Electric
  • Western Mass Electric.

Initially, the Department of Telecommunications and Energy allowed those customers who had established service prior to deregulation to remain on the Standard Offer Service (SOS), which is a discounted rate for customers still lying with the incumbent utility. However on March 1, 2005, the Standard Offer Service was eliminated and those SOS customers were put on the Default Service, a price based upon market prices of six month blocks of power purchased by utilities. Those customers who remain on SOS pricing will gradually be converted to the Default Service as changes are made to electric service accounts (i.e. change of ownership or reclassification of usage).

With an increased number of consumers being placed on Default Service, price certainty becomes more important to business as they budget their costs. Let Pure Energy Solutions provide you with savings opportunities that fit your business objectives.

To give Pure Energy Solutions the ability to discover what savings opportunities are, print the usage release form, fill it out completely and fax it to (214) 975-1051.